What is the Final Event of iRead?

The closing ceremony of Ithra’s iRead program in its 8th edition is a public event to celebrate reading, readers and award the winners of the iRead competition, where ten readers from the Arab world compete to be the Reader of the Year. The ceremony is accompanied by a cultural event that includes poetry recitals by the poet Farouk Gouida, talks, book signings, the Kutubiya book swapping fair, a debate between the iRead finalists, and the legendary poet Adunis will be this year’s guest of honor.

When will the ceremony take place?

On Friday and Saturday, May 26 – 27, 2023. Friday’s program starts from 5 – 10 p.m. and on Saturday it starts from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Where will the ceremony be held?

The ceremony will be held at Ithra’s Theater.

Who are the readers that will compete in the Final Event for the Reader of the Year title? How many are they? What will they be presenting?

The ten readers who will compete in the finals are from seven Arab countries, who qualified for the final stage in the Reader of the Year track within the iRead competition after a series of playoffs that began in June 2022. Each reader will present a creative text of his writing in five minutes, followed by the feedback and assessment of the jury members.

Will the audience have a say in choosing the winner of the (Reader of the Year)?

Yes, at the end of the ceremony the audience will get to vote on their best Reader of the Year, in addition to the best reader as judged by the jury.

What is the iRead debate?

A debate to discuss Book Piracy: Harms v. Benefits, where eight readers of those that made it to the finals will take the two stances and try to make their case.

How can I attend the Final Event of iRead?

You can attend the ceremony by registering in the link on the iRead Final Event page on Ithra’s website. Your request will be reviewed, and then notified as soon as possible to get your ticket.

How will I be notified if I was allowed to attend?

You will be contacted via e-mail.

Are there fees or tickets to attend the final ceremony?

Tickets to the finals are free. However, registration in Ithra’s website is required to reserve your seat. Your request will be reviewed, and then you will be notified as soon as possible to get your ticket from the information desk opposite to the second entrance of the Center during Ithra’s working hours.

Is there a specific age group?

Yes, those under the age of 9 are not allowed to enter.

Are there programs accompanying the ceremony?

Yes, a poetry reading by the Egyptian poet Farouk Gouida, will be held on Friday, May 26, six book signings will take place on May 26 - 27, in addition to a number of talks and a debate between the iRead finalists. You can view the ceremony’s agenda through its designated page on Ithra’s

Are there fees or tickets to attend the programs of the ceremony?

The ceremony’s ticket is enough to enter all of its programs on Friday and Saturday, as per the Center’s capacity, except for the awards ceremony, where a separate ticket is required.

Is it required to attend each and every segment of the closing ceremony?

It is not required to attend each segment of the ceremony or its accompanying programs.

Are books in the book signings for free?

Yes, 50 free copies are available for the audience.

What is the Kutubiya fair that will accompany the closing ceremony?

It is a book swapping event with the aim to recycle books among readers, and give them the opportunity to benefit from the books they have read by exchanging them for others.

Does the book swap require any fees?

No, it is enough to bring any book of your own and swap it for any book in the exhibition.

Is it necessary for the book exchanged to be on the same subject?


Are there any conditions on the books to bring to the Kutubiya?

Yes, the book must be in a good condition, no less than 80 pages. Academic books, duplicates, or those that are part of a series are not accepted.

Is there a maximum limit for swapped books?

Yes, the maximum is 10 books.

Is it necessary to register for the Final Event or obtain a ticket for the ceremony to be able to participate in the Kutubiya book swapping fair?

No, you can go directly to the information desk to collect your Kutubiya card and participate the book swapping fair.

Where can I find the details of iRead Final Event and its accompanying programs

You can view the iRead page on Ithra’s.

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