Course Brief:

This is an intensive four-day course where participants will deliver the history of ceramics, and all the fundamentals required to create a functional ceramic product. This course will also give you an introduction to the process of creating contemporary products using handbuilding methods and on the pottery wheel. You’ll be able to be creative with the shape, design, and color of your art piece. The items created will be fired and glazed multiple times.


  • Learn about the history of ceramics
  • Understand all the different ceramic terms
  • Know the difference between types of clay
  • Know the difference between types of glazes
  • Identify the main hand building techniques
  • Center clay on the wheel and throw a functional product
  • Trim the bottom of the products
  • Apply glazing techniques



  • Become familiar with the history of ceramics around the world and how it defined civilizations
  • Understand the different firing techniques
  • Differentiate between the clay types and glaze types
  • Use clay to build different products and tools for everyday use(3 different products: cups-plate-etc)
  • A handmade cup and a handmade vase
  •  Wheel thrown bowl, cup, plate


Recommended for:
artists of all mediums, calligraphers, sculptors, yoga instructors/students, chefs and bakers


Azhar Saeed

Azhar Saeed is a Saudi artist. She distributes her artistic activity between (painting, ceramics and sculpture). She began participating in art exhibitions since the early 1990s, and launched her first art exhibition in 1993. She holds a master's degree in plastic arts in the field of ceramics. She held 3 personal exhibitions in Germany and Saudi Arabia. She participated in many exhibitions inside and outside the Kingdom, and participated in several artistic conferences inside and outside the Kingdom. She presented several courses in the field of ceramics, most notably in the Princess Noura Center in Qassim 2018 and the cities of the eastern region.
And it supported the Saudi market through its initiative, which launched in 2016 and which was covered by MBC channel, to establish a ceramics group in the eastern region, and it continues with this initiative, which aspires for the Saudi artistic product to be at the forefront of the Saudi family. She is also a member of the ceramics group in the Arab world, Hama'a (Ceramic Lovers).
I participated in the exhibition (Viruses from Clay) during the pandemic period, at the first forum of Arab potters, sponsored by the National Council for Culture, under the supervision of the Kuwaiti Ceramic House 2021.

Azhar Saeed

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