Idea Morphing: How to generate novel design ideas and solutions using innovation strategies.


Course Brief Description:

 Throughout this three-day course, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, and creatives will have the opportunity to generate ideas and solutions concerning the design process, which is a crucial skill to develop for designers. It will enable the participants to generate infinite ideas and solutions regardless of the design field. Furthermore, they will also filter ideas based on potential and novelty levels.


  • Introducing the innovation strategies and techniques in order to generate ideas and design solutions
  • Filtering the ideas based on potential level
  • Increasing the originality of generated ideas


  • To be able to practice various radical ideation activities.                                         
  • To master innovation strategies for idea generations activity.    
  • To practice different ethnics of idea filtration activity.                                           
  • To perform conclusion dialogue.


Ruba Alkhaldi

Ruba Alkhaldi is an Innovation Strategist specialized in design and brand innovation. As a Multidisciplinary in design, she specializes in Interior Architecture and industrial design. Nevertheless, she is also an Academic Lecturer in the Industrial Design Department at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University. In regards to her academic career, Alkhaldi attained her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture Engineering from Dammam University in Saudi Arabia and her Master’s degree in Design Strategy and Innovation from Brunel University London in the United Kingdom.

Ruba Alkhaldi

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