How Do you Become a Professional Writer?
Literature Editing and Proofreading 


Course Description:

When it comes to literature, authors face several challenges such as language. Furthermore, the challenges revolve around accuracy and relevance. This course welcomes authors, editors, distributors, and anyone with a passion for the writing profession, to come and learn the tools and skills needed to strengthen one’s writing. Moreover, participants will learn how to strengthen their writing through practices and exploring various examples.
Nevertheless, participants will also learn the fundamentals of writing, as well as various methods to build a literature piece. All of these skills will be solidified by applying them in practice, rating literature pieces, and editing and criticizing writing works with the skills obtained throughout the course.

Learning objectives:

This course will allow participants to acquire various writing skills such as:

  • Auditing literature works
  • Editing a piece of writing
  • Paraphrasing a message
  • Rebuilding a story
  • Expanding one’s vocabulary
  • Strengthening the flow and attitude of writing

Learning outcomes:

  • To be able to criticize literature works
  • To recognize the weaknesses in a piece of writing
  • To edit writing as well as make recommendations
  • To paraphrase a piece of weak writing in order to make it stronger
  • To use strong vocabulary and synonyms


Alaa Ahmed Farghali

Alaa Farghali is an Egyptian screenwriter, novelist, author, and editor. He holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature, which he attained at Cairo University in 2019, as well as a Diploma in Cinematic Studies, which he attained at the Cinema Palace Center in 2020. With his knowledge, he became a lecturer and content presenter in creative writing to share his knowledge with the world. Furthermore, he is a member of Egypt's Writers’ Union as well as the UAE’s Journalists’ Association. As an author, he has written a total of three novels, the third of which, titled Behlar Corridor, was published this year by Diwan for Publishing. Moreover, he has written the scenario for Altagalli, a documentary titled The Revelation in English, as well as other movies produced by Cinema Culture Palace. Currently, he is working on a scenario for a long drama series. He has also won many distinguishable awards, including: Naguib Mahfouz Novel Award in 2021 from the Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt for his novel Wadi Aldoum (The Valley of the Doum), 1st Place Sawiris Cultural Award for Novels in 2017 for his novel Kheir Allah Aljabal (which was made into a TV series), and the Award of the Egyptian Universities for Poetry 1999.

Alaa Ahmed Farghali

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