Course Description:

This five-day course is ideal for those interested in 2D video-game design. While this course examines basic programming techniques, it also explores the various disciplines needed to create a game, including game design, art production and sound design. Participants will not only gain a new appreciation for the hard work that goes into making a 2D video-game, but they will also expand their knowledge regarding the tools needed to bring their own game ideas to life by using Unity Software.

 Learning objectives:

  • Learning game design techniques such as brainstorming, prototyping, playtesting, iteration, system tuning, motivations and rewards, inputs and user interface.
  • Mastering the key disciplines of game development including: production management, game design, coding, 2D art and animation production, sound design and music, and quality assurance.
  • Defining the individual steps of the video-game production process.
  • Discussing and supporting the dynamics of video game production in a team setting.

 Learning outcomes:

  • Participants will gain the ability to compare and contrast between different types of 2D video-games.
  • Participants will be able to explore basic production skills with a commercial game engine, to design and create game mechanics. 
  • Participants will acquire the ability to implement a short working game project, including all the aspects of its development such as game design, art assets creation, sound design, coding, bug fixing and playtesting.
  • Participants will obtain knowledge with regards to job descriptions and career opportunities within the game development industry, as well as know the academic pathways into the industry.


Recommended for:
Artists, animators, professionals, creatives, content makers


Muslih Alzahrani

Meet Muslih Alzahrani, a skilled game designer who used to work in industrial engineering. He helped start Starvania Studio, a game company in Saudi Arabia that is focused on creating top-quality entertainment games. He believes that great things can start small, so he works to inspire other Saudis, younger and older, by teaching them how to create games. By doing so, he not only shares what he knows but also helps to make a better future for everyone.

Muslih Alzahrani

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