Course Description:

During this unique course, cinema enthusiasts and novices alike will go on a 3-day creative journey that delves into the making of motion pictures and cinematic production. Starting from the initial structure to the inspiring figures of filmmaking, participants will indulge in the philosophy of making films and the major works that shaped cinematography as we now know it.


 Course objectives:

  • Simplifying the seemingly difficult task of movie directing.
  • Understanding the developmental process of movie production and how it comes together.
  • Emphasizing the essential role of the director in cinematic work.

 Course outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to understand the basics and essential roles in movie production.
  • Participants will gain knowledge about the responsibilities of the director and their impact on the success of the project.
  • Participants will be able to differentiate between various director methods and recognize their similarities.


Recommended for:
Film followers, first-stage film students, who are interested in arts


Abdullah AlAttas

Abdullah AlAttas is a Saudi Arabian director and cinematographer with over a decade of experience in the fields of photography and cinematography. He embarked on his professional career as a photographer in 2010, later making a successful transition into the world of cinematography in 2015. AlAttas has achieved major milestones in his career, having been involved in more than 100 projects spanning various domains, including commercial advertising, music videos, documentaries and short films. He has collaborated with numerous companies and directors both inside and outside the Kingdom on diverse projects. In addition to his exceptional photography skills, AlAttas has honed his abilities in complementary areas such as directing, editing and color grading. This makes him a well-rounded expert in visual aspects, enabling him to innovate creative solutions across various fields behind the lens.

Abdullah AlAttas

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