Learn how to 3D-print with different materials such as clay and plastic. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the technical skills to manipulate traditional craft materials through 3D-printing technology. Through designing and developing your designs, you will gain an understanding of how designers are using the technology to create a new type of craft. 

Day 1: Participants will learn about this historic revolution and experiment with material applications on mass-produced objects. 
Day 2: Participants will create an object considering the added value of 3D printing and 3D prototyping. 
Day 3: Participants will develop a process to influence the machine to create uniqueness in products - 3D prototypes. 
Day 4: Design review and discussion. 


*Requirement: Basic knowledge in 3D modeling software (examples: 3DMax, Rhino, Revit... etc.).

Please bring your own laptop to the workshop.

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