Course Description:

In this course, the participants will be introduced to the design of Arabic typefaces. This course will be a great addition to designers interested in Arabic typography and in starting to design and produce their own typefaces, and those with previous experience who wish to enhance their skills. Through teaching the participants the process of conceptualizing, designing and programming a digital Arabic font, and the possibilities of bringing it to the market, the course will address both the design and technical aspects of the process using the overtly useful Glyphs App: the font editing software needed to create, produce and export Arabic fonts. 

Learning objectives:


  • Introducing participants to the fundamentals of the design theory, and giving them invaluable exposure. 
  • Practicing the design of Arabic typefaces first hand, and getting them ready for production.

Learning outcomes:

The participants will be able to start a beta version of the first exported Arabic font which reflect their creative design concept.

Recommended for:
Graphic Designers (students and Proffesionals), Type designers, Designers, Lettering Artists, Artists, Arabic calligraphers, Arabic calligraphy enthousiasts, creative profiles


Tarek Atrissi

Creative Dutch-Lebanese designer, Tarek Atrissi, is the founder of Tarek Atrissi Design (, a design studio based in Barcelona and with offices in The Netherlands. He has a diversified knowledge of a variety of cultures, with his ability of fluently speaking Arabic, French, English, Dutch & Spanish. Atrissi’s studio’s typographic and cross-cultural design approach is a production of projects that left a significant influence on the contemporary graphic design landscape in the Middle East. He is a member of the advisory committee of The Creative Industries Fund NL, the biggest cultural funds in Holland supporting international design projects with funding from The Netherlands' ministries of culture and education. Atrissi is an interesting designer with an extraordinary vision. 

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Tarek Atrissi

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