Course Description:

Journalism is the main component of the media industry no matter the platform, and those who wish to professionally work in media must excel in all areas relating to journalism whether readable, audible, or visual. This one-of-a-kind course welcomes participants to dive into the etiquette, sense, and foundational stages of journalism to look into its details and learn how to view the profession through the lens of an expert. Through visual learning and interactive exercises, participants will acquire knowledge regarding news press, writing methods, differentiating between the various types of articles, analyses, reports, journalists’ dialogue, and what makes all of these factors pivotal.


 Course objectives:

  • Empowering those who intend to become journalists and professionally work in cultural press.
  • Acquiring knowledge of the basics of cultural press.
  • Strengthening the existing talents and skills of participants.
  • Differentiating between various types of journalism.
  • Developing a skill set aimed at producing a wide range of sub-categories of cultural press.


 Course outcomes: 

  • Participants will obtain a strong foundation regarding the basics of cultural press across all of its platforms.
  •  Participants will practice and differentiate between the various types of cultural press platforms, such as readable, audible, and visual platforms.
  • Participants will be qualifies to kickstart their professional careers in cultural press.


Recommended for:
Everyone who wishes to practice media work, whether in the written press, radio and television stations, electronic journalism, or social media platforms.


Abdulwahab AlOraid

(Main Speaker)

 Abdulwahab Saleh AlOraid is a well-known Saudi journalist who has been a member of the press for over 20 years. He has obtained a number of skills, investigated a range of topics and worked in many places throughout his long career. AlOraid has worked in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. He holds a bachelor's degree in public relations from King Abdulaziz University in Jiddah.

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Abdulwahab AlOraid

Ghassan Yousif Alshahbani

(  Guest Speaker )

A well-known Bahraini journalist, Ghassan Yousif Alshahbani has over thirty years of experience in the field of journalism. He obtained his bachelor’s in 1989 and a master’s in 2018 in Arabic language from the University of Bahrain. Since 1989, he has worked as a journalist, writing for many platforms and magazines, including Alkhaleej UAE, Alsharq, Alqataria, Forbes Middle East and AlRay Kuwait. 

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Ghassan Yousif Alshahbani

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