Course Brief Description:

Social media has a magical effect on our life, it is our first guide on entertainment, education, knowledge, policy, and medical information. However, with the gradual increase of media content it becomes more unattractive, redundant and un useful.
During this interactive course, those with a passion in creating content, marketers, advertisers, and content developers will understand the essential skills in order to create content appropriate for their social media platform. Furthermore, in this course the participants will gain a deep understanding concerning the concept of content, definition of its industry, and the significance of building a great idea and content suitable for social media. Additionally, during this course, the participants will obtain the skills and tools needed for creating new ideas or developing an existing idea, as well as how to present it in a flexible and attractive way. By the end of this course, they will produce content by applying all the knowledge acquired during this course under the supervision of great featured content creators.

Learning Objectives:

  • Acknowledging the essentials of creating content for social media.
  • Developing exciting ideas or creating new ideas in order to create special content. 
  • Creating sample content as a part of every participant's assignment.
  • Empowering each participant regarding developing and advancing ideas adequate for their vision and style. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • To obtain the skills and techniques for creating special content and presenting it professionally.
  • To acknowledge the production process of creating a suitable content for social media and advertise it.
  • Practicing and observing the steps of producing an exceptional content.
  • Produce a demo clip under the supervision of professional content creators.


Ammar Saban

The creator Ammar Saban is purposeful entertainment creator and freelance creative director. He offers great services in areas of his expertise such as: Puppeteering, Voice Acting and Screen Writing. In 2015, He cofounded the MFTDFR publishing company, which produces multiple podcasts in the region. Furthermore, in 2013 he founded Ibdaaa thirtiwan creations, where he works as a freelance creative advisor, content developer for entertainment and culture, puppet designer and puppeteer. Nevertheless, he gives a great course that covers the same areas.

Ammar Saban

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