Course Description:

Being a famous and skilled podcaster is great addition for any media specialist, host, and media writer. Through this three-day interactive course, the facilitator will focus on interlocutor podcast. Its principles, basics, tools, and different podcast styles are all covered in order to make a great and professional podcast. In this productive course, the participants will enjoy a professional discussion, as well as the addition of the skill practicing and training in a professional and well-prepared studio. Nevertheless, the course will also cover analyzing discussions, which will enhance the participants skills and passion regarding preparing and creating the perfect podcast.

Learning objectives:

  • Acknowledging the successful steps of cultivating an interlocutor podcast. 
  • Planning and preparing appropriate questions for the podcast.  
  • Choosing and preparing the perfect studio for recording the podcast style.
  • Selecting the right guest speakers for the episodes and communicating with them skillfully.
  • Practicing, reviewing and correcting the podcast content before publishing.
  • Gaining the skills needed in order to publish and promote the podcast. 

Learning outcomes:

  • To acquire the skills needed in order to plan and structure a great interlocutor podcast, starting from the idea to publishing and promotion. 
  • To master podcast preparation and recording as professional podcasters.  


Mohammed Alshathry

Content creator and an expert in corporate communications. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University. He has an interest in writing creative content and generating creative ideas. He is the host and creator of the Jawalan Podcast, which featured more than 50 influential personalities in the cultural field. He runs the Ketabei cultural club, winner of the King Khaled Award and the Ministry of Culture and Information’s award as the best reading club in Saudi Arabia. He managed and organized many events and forums in the fields of culture, health, and volunteering. He was part of the executive management team for the Ministry of Health Award for Medical Volunteerism for the years 2021 and 2022, and was a member of the team working on the documentary film Beyond Exhaustion of the Health Volunteering Center.

Mohammed Alshathry

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