Course Description:

Film production is an artistic endeavor that requires many different technical skills, and not limited to the visual aspect of it only! Rather, it is the main factor of the success of any cinematic work. Throughout this 3-day creative course, the producers, directors, and anyone in the movie industry will take an interesting creative journey in the process of film production. Furthermore, this course will help participants understand the responsibilities of the production team, methodologies, and the recipe for success in the film industry. Additionally, they will go over numerous case studies in order to distinguish between identifying a successful process and avoiding mistakes and frequent errors in filmmaking. Finally, they will build all the needed skills and develop essential tools in order to start their journey in the film industry.


Course Objectives:

  • Understanding film production, its principles, and methodologies. 
  • Introducing the cinematic team while focusing on the role of the producer.
  • Differentiating between film production and that of advertisement.
  • Practicing finding ideas and how to execute them. 
  • Observing and practicing all stages of the process the pre-production, production, and post production phases.

Course Outcomes:

  • To understand the producer’s role and obligations.
  • To be introduced to the production team’s responsibilities.
  • To practice time management.
  • To master money management in order to achieve a professional, successful production. 


Aiyed bin Marei

Aiyed bin Marei is an entrepreneur, producer, and movie director. He studied filmmaking in the capital of the movie industry Los Angeles “Hollywood”. Moreover, he directed many captivating movie trailers.
He started his career in the US with his short movie Craiglist in 2016. After that he created his movie Touq which has been nominated in the sixth edition of the Film Festival. He is a co-founder and chief producer in WhiteLens Academy for cinema education. For his great talent, his project in Neom Academy has been granted the best award. Aiyed also published a book with the title Cinematic Lighting Distribution, and kept on following his passion for film through countless media appearances, giving lectures on directing and producing, and hosting numerous workshops with Misk stories and the WhiteLens Academy. 

Aiyed bin Marei

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