Workshop Description / Syllabus:

This is a character drawing class with an emphasis on creating dynamic, memorable characters suitable for the children’s book market. Participants will complete assignments and work from sample manuscripts to develop characters for their portfolio.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze and interpret a manuscript for appropriate audience recognition.
  • Research and illustrate age-appropriate characters for both the story and the reader.
  • Develop memorable characters that are consistent with the plot and theme of the narrative.
  • Create characters in dynamic and expressive poses.
  • Integrate expressive facial characteristics in the development of characters.
  • Compare style preferences for varying audiences.

Participants will be able to:

  • Create, design and build imaginative age-appropriate characters.
  • Recognize the importance of collecting good references for effective illustration.
  • Understand different types of illustration and choosing the most appropriate method to suit your story.
  • Analyze character design theory and application.
  • Recognize different body forms and basic figure construction.
  • Focus on full-body poses and on facial expressions and eye types.
  • Focus on painting characters in three dimensions and also how to portray action in a scene.


Maitha Al Khayat

Maitha Al Khayat has written nearly 170 books over the span of 12 in the field of children books. She is well known as an international writer. She translated many books to a different language: English, Italian and Turkish. For her talent and hard work, she was eligible to win literary awards for her books My Own Special Way and Turn Off the Lights. Turn Off the Lightswas nominated for best book in translation. Her book, My Father's Palm Trees, was nominated for best illustration. In addition, she has written TV shows such as the Hamdoon Emirati cartoon series, Sesame Street - Iftah Ya Simsim.

Maitha Al Khayat

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