Course Description:

This artistic course will enhance the knowledge of the calligraphers, artists, painters, and those with a passion for contemporary art in the fundamental design. 
Participants will strengthen their skills through analyzing and studying famous calligraphy art pieces, practicing art tools, and combining the Arabic handwriting in designing their art piece as an essential element. Furthermore, the participants will practice many art and design techniques in order to emphasize the beauty of Arabic handwriting throughout practicing forming, coloring and other influential art elements.
By the completion of this course, the participants will be able to gain great knowledge and create a creative art piece through applying all knowledge earned in this course under the facilitator supervision which will leave them with all the skills needed to walk their path professionally in this artistic and magnificent world. 

Learning objectives:

  • Introducing a new art form in Arabic font applications.
  • Supporting and developing calligraphy art.
  • Featuring the Arabic font in contemporary art in creative and exceptional ways. 

Learning outcomes:

  • To acknowledge the fundamental elements in contemporary art. 
  • To effectively use the tools.
  • To professionally use the Arabic font as an essential element in their contemporary art piece. 
  • To create a professional and magnificent calligraphy art piece.


Siraj Allaf

The Saudi artist and licensed Arabic calligrapher Siraj Reda Allaf, has worked as an Engineering Consultant and holds a Ph.D. candidate in artificial intelligent and art. 
Mr. Allaf has achieved many awards and accomplishments. As one of the most famous teachers in the field of Arabic calligraphy, he is known for his pioneering efforts in integrating AI and Arabic calligraphy. 

Siraj Allaf

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