Character Development in Films and TV Shows.


Course Description:

Writing a great remarkable story requires many techniques. Every screenwriter, producer, and director needs to master these skills in order to engage the audience in an outstanding story. Starting with choosing the perfect idea, choosing the place and time, building a great structure for the story event, and creating a realistic character in order to develop the story events and actions.

In this course, over the duration of three days, the participants will be introduced to the essential techniques in order to create convincing characters for their stories through understanding the characters essential role in the story and the character critical value in order to have a great and professional story. Furthermore, participants will consider the idea, message from the story, target group, and the story structure are important tools in order to build the right characters that contribute in creating a professional, remarkable and integrating story.

Course objectives:

  • Understanding the valuable role of characters in movies and TV series in order to create an exemplary story
  • Acquiring the essential tools in order to create the complete character. 
  • Enriching the participant's abilities in creating the suitable characters for the story.  

Course outcomes:

  • To understand the needs for building suitable characters for the story in order to build a professional structure for movies and TV series.
  • To evaluate the character's importance in terms of story development.
  • To empower the participant with the essential tools needed to create characters and story structures in a professional quality.


Asim Altokhais

Asim Altokhais is a professional script writer and author. Graduating from Vancouver Film school in 2011, he majored in in writing for movies and TV. He also has a master's in Writing for Script and Screen from Falmouth University in the United Kingdom. 
He has been chosen among 25 international writers as the first Middle Eastern writer to write for the comic collection, Storied Places, by Disney.
In honor of his excellence in art and creativity, Asim has received many international literary awards for his novels and short stories from various countries (United States, Britain, Canada, Europe). He has also won numerous awards for his short films such as "Meeting with the Devil."

Asim Altokhais

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