Course Brief Description:

Graffiti or "Street Art"
It is the expression of the country which tells the tourists the cultural story of the city’s landmark. Where street artists express their culture in different ways as they feel it. 
Graffiti is the art of creating a general change to the features of a surface through the use of paint spray, marker or any other materials. The culture of graffiti has established since ancient times, during Pharaonic, Greek and Roman civilizations. Through times Graffiti was developed and changed, it is called today: modern graffiti.
The art of modern graffiti originated in the sixties of the last century in New York inspired by hip-hop music, as graffiti is the mirror that reflects the civilization of the city.
Modern Graffiti is also considered a form of modern art which can be seen in international galleries.


Learning Objectives:

 In this Course, the participants will be able to: 

  •  Practicing Graffiti as a Professional artist.
  •  Learning the technique of transferring graphics to large areas.
  •  Practice using the sprays and other Graffiti tools.


 Learning Outcomes:

  •  To explore the general culture of the history of Graffiti.
  •  To raise the artistic awareness in Graffiti.
  •  To increase the artistic taste regarding Graffiti and explore a different style in art.


Recommended for:

  • Target audience +16 
  • Hobbyists of all ages
  • Art lovers
  • beginners


Abdulaziz Hassan

Abdulaziz Hassan, born in 1988 in Makkah, Based in Jeddah. One of the First who introduced Graffiti art “Street Art” to the Arab and Saudi world. He is one of the top Graffiti artists in the Arab world.

Following his passion, He joined many internal and external participations representing Saudi Arabia in the art of graffiti. The artist's vision is to create a new path in the world of contemporary Arabic calligraphy in order to share the world with its beauty.

Abdulaziz Hassan

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