Course brief description:

In this exceptional course, participants will be focusing on how to convey ideas uniquely. Additionally, they will learn how to construct a creative story by understanding the relation between the ideas, text, drawing, and pictures in order to choose the appropriate ones.
In this five-day course, comic book authors and publishers, teachers, journalists, and media experts will join us to explore the world of picture books. They will discover the needs of this style of stories and learn its types and how it varies from the regular stories. Furthermore, they will study in depth the importance of the relationship between the drawing, picture, and the text in order to choose the appropriate drawing style for their stories to deliver the message in a creative and exciting way. Additionally, they will meet an expert in writing stories, as well as an artist to discuss their techniques in writing picture books.
This course will develop the participants knowledge in improving  their writing and drawing skills and empower them to initiate their own picture stories.

Learning objectives:

  • Mastering the skills of writing a picture book.
  • Practicing choosing the drawing style that fits the message of their story.
  • Practicing writing a text inspired by the picture given. 
  • Transforming a written text to a professional picture story.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • To write a creative picture story in a professional way.
  • To distinguish the different styles of writing a picture story.
  • To find the perfect drawing style for their story.
  • To effectively use the shorthand methods and adding the small details that every picture story needs.


Walid Taher

Walid Taher is an author, designer of children’s stories, visual artist, and illustrator. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts college in 1992, Department of Decoration, Division of Expressive Arts, and a member of the Egyptian Syndicate of Fine Arts.  He has been a painter for numerous Egyptian newspapers and publications since 1990. He is also an author and illustrator for children's works with more than 70 children’s book under his belt in cooperation with Egyptian, Arab, and European publishing houses. He won many international awards in this field from Egypt, Italy, the UAE, and Lebanon. His book A Black Dot won the Etisalat Award in its second edition, and his book Seven Lives was nominated in the long list of the Sheikh Zayed Award in its seventh edition (2012). While his book The Island of Barakat the Sailor was nominated for the Etisalat Award – Best Directing Category in 2019. He has managed and was a part of many solo and group exhibitions in Egypt, France, and Germany.

Walid Taher

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