Course Description:


Art is a magnificent mystery that keeps us questioning its meaning while enjoying its beauty and creativity. Depending on our knowledge, art vision, mood, and personal interest, understanding an art peace through our eyes well vary from one person to another. In other
words, when recognizing and noticing, the art around us in every detail, each viewer will have a different perspective; In this exciting journey, that will last three hours for two days, the participants will learn to discover the secret of art and understand how to express it in words. This course will help artists, art critics, writers, and art appreciators to explore the experience of viewing art. Furthermore, it will take them on an emotional journey through the art, where they will discover how far they can go to explore the soul of art.


Learning Objectives:

  • To develop critical thinking with the help of images.
  • To practice various teaching and learning techniques in regards to discovering and understanding art.
  • To observe the skills and knowledge needed for people interested in interpreting art.
  • To grow their individual understanding of art.
  • To develop critical thinking skills with the help of images.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Examining the art work in depth in order to discover its soul and meaning.
  • Acknowledging how art opens itself to diverse interpretations.
  • Practicing creative art work skills in order to gain the confidence and fluently needed for explaining art to others in an expressive way.


Interests / Target Audience:
artists, curators, art and culture managers, art critics and writers, art students, art observation,
art appreciation, art criticism

Recommended for:
Artists, art and culture managers, art critics and writers, art students, art observation, art appreciation, art criticism. Beginner to advanced experience in arts. This course is open to all people interested in understanding art in new ways


An Paenhuysen

(Node Center)

Dr. An Paenhuysen is one of the most enthusiastic professionals about art and creativity. She is a freelance writer, curator, and arts educator. She has curated exhibitions at the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin. Moreover, she coordinated the exhibition Gesture Sign Art, Deaf Culture / Hearing Culture in Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin. Furthermore, with her gifted creativity, she published a book about the Belgian avant-garde. In addition, she has written for exhibition catalogs and for art magazines such as Spex, Artslant, and WhiteHotMagazine.

An Paenhuysen

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