Course Description:


Children’s literature stands out for its wild imagination, fast pace and being accessible to a wide audience. It also features several types of art, namely, writing and illustrations, that merge together to make one cohesive and compelling piece that holds great traditional and cultural value. Throughout this course, participants will focus on the importance of creating a good children’s book. These stages include idea making, final publishing, and all the details that come in between, such as messaging, audience, analysis, and character development. All of these details will be explored through interactive exercises and group discussions.

 Learning objectives:

  • Acquiring the ability to write good children’s books.
  • Obtaining and implementing the skill of narration. 
  • Learning how to pick the appropriate audience and purpose.
  • Strengthening analytical skills and the ability to paraphrase ideas (i.e. worldbuilding).
  • Practicing character development in relation to literature. 


 Learning outcomes:


  • Participants will be able to write literary pieces targeting children.
  •  Participants will analyze and criticize works of children’s literature.
  • Participants will be able to pick the appropriate template that would help convey their message.
  • Participants will be able to choose the appropriate illustrations that add value to their story.


Recommended for:
This course is intended for those interested in the children's literature industry, including writers, teachers, publishers, workers in libraries and children's centers, and those interested in the field of childhood.


Naseeba Alozaibi

Dr. Naseeba Alozaibi is a unique Emirati author that resides in Abu Dhabi. She got her Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the Jordanian University in 1998, and her Master’s in technological pharmacy from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland in 2006, and then a Ph. D in social medicine and health research from Nottingham University in 2011. She then went on to work in the pharmaceutical industry and conducted research about psychotropic substances and addiction until 2021, which marked the time she decided to switch her career path and pursue her passion of writing. 
 Dr. Naseeba published her first children’s book in 2013 titled Grimace, a book that was shortlisted for the Etisalat award in the general book category in the same year. In 2017, her story, My Mom is Guerilla and my Dad is an Elephant, won the Etisalat award for the best story category. And in 2021, her novel, The Ghoul and the Bramble Plant, was shortlisted for the Sheikh Zayed award in the children’s book category. That same year, her book, Super Hero, won the Etisalat award for best children’s picture book.
Dr. Naseeba’s stories have reached wide acclaim allowing her to collaborate with several Arab and Muslim artists when writing her books. As of now, her publications have reached a total number of nine picture books, all of which were published by Dar Ashjar Publications. Her books are sold all over Dubai. Dr. Naseeba participated as part of the jury for the 14th edition of the Etisalat award for children’s books in 2022.

Naseeba Alozaibi

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