Course Descriptions:

Under the supervision of the talented Khalid Amin, participants will go on a five-day journey to explore the depths of acting. Participants will gain knowledge ranging from taking on specific characters, types of drama characters, and the contrast between various characters. Moreover, they will further gain skills such as transforming one’s facial features, traits, characteristics, and movements in order to successfully transform into their characters. Nevertheless, it is the actor’s responsibility to deliver the writer’s message to the audience. Furthermore, this course will teach the participants about the importance of the art of acting, understanding of embodiment, and fundamentals of acting in order to excel in acting whether it be cinema or plays.


The objectives of the course are:

  • Discover one’s creativity
  • Developing skills relating to levels of performance, tools, voice and body
  • Planting the sense of responsibility, loyalty, and cooperation across the whole team
  • Strengthening self-confidence when standing on stage or in front of the camera
  • Learning to observe body language during acting
  •  Acquiring the ability to represent the snatomy of the characters in a scene, whether televised or theatrical


Course outputs:

  • The participant will be able to play dramatic roles and characters in stories and novels.
  • Learn how to embody the features and characteristics of the characters and their movements and different gestures.


Recommended for:
Those who have previously acted and want to develop their acting and artistic abilities


Khaled Ameen

Khaled Ameen is a Kuwaiti actor and theater director. He holds a master’s degree in acting and directing from France and got a Ph. D in Acting and Directing from the Holy Spirit University in Lebanon in 2003. Currently, he serves as a faculty member at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Kuwait, where he taught several specialized subjects such as acting, actor preparation, improv theater and recitation. Ameen also supervised graduation projects for undergraduate students for several batches.
Khaled Ameen is also the founder of the “mobile actor setup” in GCC countries as part of the Arab Theater Authority. In addition, he has done many workshops that specialize in acting, and was a jury member in festivals in across many countries. Khaled is recurring tv personality, featuring in more than 60 tv series which range between the historic and contemporary genres, and has about 10 plays and 7 films to his name. He directed more than 10 academic plays, and has several experiences presenting TV and radio programs.

Khaled Ameen

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