Everything you see at Ithra is, at most, only half the story. So, what if you had a chance to discover the other half? The Behind the Scenes tour takes you on an adventure to the theater’s backstage, the orchestra pit, the flying tower, and the green-screen room, as well as a peek into how the lighting systems works. You will feel a part of the theater’s live shows. The tour will also take you to explore the library’s stockroom, which houses up to 500,000 books. You will discover how the copper ceilings and walls of the Great Hall were built. You will reach the highest point of the Knowledge Tower and much more.
Whether you are an engineer, designer, architect, student or just curious about architecture, the Behind the Scenes tour is for you!

Ithra Behind the Scenes Tour Guidelines:


Amenities: Water and refreshments will be included.

Accessibility Facts:

- Stairs and elevators will be used during the tour.

- Total tour distance is approximately 1,620 steps

- Total stairs to be climbed is 230. (131 ascending steps and 99 descending steps)   

Safety Facts: All guests are requested to stay together at all times but apart enough considering COVID-19 social distancing. Hard hats are required during the tour and will be distributed before the tour starts.


Dress code: the following clothing is not allowed for safety precautions:

- loose clothing e.g. thobe.

- High heels are not allowed.

Photography: All guests are welcome to take personal pictures with your personal phone, unless:

- Advised by the tour guide

- “No Photography” signs are posted.

- They are using professional cameras.





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