zExclusively at Ithra Tower, experience the global dining sensation in a unique way at Entrecôte Café de Paris with its trademark menu of steak - drizzled with its signature Entrecôte sauce.



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History of Entrecôte Café de Paris

Our story started in 1930 in Geneva at a restaurant called Café de Paris at 26 Rue Mont Blanc, where the patron Chez Boubier in 1930 developed the world-famous Café de Paris sauce named after his restaurant and its recipe is still kept a top secret.

In 1942, Chef Boubier gifted his secret recipe to his daughter and her husband the new owners of the Café de Paris restaurant who came up with the idea of offering a single menu formula consisting of a green salad, 200 grams of entrecôte steak with Café de Paris sauce and homemade french fries. This simple formula gained immediate worldwide fame and success. Many restaurateurs around the world tried to imitate our set formula and our Café de Paris sauce but never equaled our distinctive taste and texture which explains our motto "Toujours imitée, jamais egalée".

Four generations later, François Vouillamoz, the current owner of the original Entrecôte Café de Paris Chez Boubier 1930 restaurant in Geneva is the only person in the world who holds the secret of the Café de Paris sauce as it was originated in 1930 and he blends it discreetly at his kitchen laboratory underneath his restaurant.

You can taste the original Café de Paris butter sauce specially flown in from Geneva exclusively at our franchised restaurants in the Middle East in Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and soon in Sharjah.

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