The Energy Exhibit is all about exploration and discovery, yet there are no two days the same at the Energy Exhibit. Every day we will spot the light on certain experinces that will take you on a journey of science exploration.

"Bringing Ideas to Life!"
Mondays at the Energy Exhibit are for STEM! You will get a chance to explore a variety of fun engineering facts around the exhibit through different programs such as experimental trolleys, reaction activites and an open-ended station!

"It's All About Trial and Error!"
Tuesdays are for experimnts! You, your family, and your friends can come along with us to discover new information with every experiment. Be sure to check our Messy Science activites!

"It's All About Asking the Right Questions!"
Have you ever wondered how things work? Wednesdays are for wondering and questioning as no question is wrong when it comes to science! Don't miss our segment on Does This Actually Work?

"Step Back into History"
On Thursdays, we take you on a journey of discovery back in time! As we get to know the stories around us and the scientific history of things. Be sure to check out the Energy Lab station!

"A Look Towards the Future "
We are the makers of our future, as Fridays are for dicovering new technologies, inventions and discussing new hypotheses within diffrent scientific fields. You will get to explore the Energy Exhibit with a look toward the future driven by the developing projects aligning with Saudi's 2030 vision. Don't miss out on our special Trivia Night program!

"Green Thoughts"
Saturdays are for sustainablity! Explore different ways to protect the environment through creating products out of sustainble materials, finding ways to reduce waste, and utilizing green energies.

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