Ithra's Children’s Museum – created for children up to the age of 12 and their families – was the first children’s museum in the Kingdom.
Our young visitors are offered an array of exciting opportunities to enrich their lives through interactive play-based experiences designed to expand their curiosity, play values and their exploration approaches.
Ithra Children’s Museum includes interactive exhibits, traveling exhibitions, indoor/outdoor activities, enrichment programs and hands-on minds-on activities.

Meet our playful Play Guides – our wonderful yellow-vest-wearing Play Guides – who give our young visitors and their families the chance to create vibrant and lasting memories.

Also, do not miss our FREE Mondays – the first Monday of every month. Our Children’s Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM.


Messy Monday:
Messy Monday is a Monday where you can find the latest mess.
Give your child a chance to explore, discover and have fun without limits. We will engage their curious minds with different messy questions and activities that will lead them to leave behind the concept of “thinking inside the box” and move towards play learning.
Stylish, brand new or fashionable clothes are NOT allowed. Get a little messy and have a ton of fun with hands-on experiments, evoking minds-on messiness and messy color play, while exploring a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Messiness will follow!


Toddler Tuesday:
Bang! Boom! Drop! It’s your toddler’s chance to explore the world around them. Bring your toddler every Tuesday to a free space where they can openly explore with their families to reach new developmental milestones through play learning and exploration.
The designed programs for this day are geared towards our youngest visitors including different toys, different materials and different books that are within our sensory play activities and our Toddler Tuesday station.



Funday Wednesday:
Did you know there are different types of playing? Which type is you? Find this out on our Funday Wednesday where visitors are encouraged to physically participate in games, activities and experiences to build their connections and create new memories with friends and families.
Playing is the first step for children to learn and develop. Through play, children learn about the world around them, and more importantly learn about themselves. Which is why in our Children’s Museum you have the chance to let your child play freely with our life size games, our different challenges, and exhibits.



Exploration Thursday:
Discover… Explore… Uncover… the secrets of Ithra Children’s Museum! Visitors are equipped with observational tools and encouraged to explore using their senses. With these skills, visitors actively realize their inner confidence and learn about new things.
The world is big – there is so much to explore and discover! Here, in our Children’s Museum, our young visitors will have the chance to enjoy hands-on experiments and engage their minds with evocative questions. Enjoy our facilitated experiences, little explorers station, and the science colors.


Family Friday:
Bring your family along to the most fun place where family members of all ages will enjoy a diverse array of engaging activities that promote interest and enthusiasm among children and adult visitors alike. Communication, broadening social support networks, teamwork and togetherness are all called for on this fun family day of enjoyable and engaging activities.
Connect, talk and discuss with all ages within the family. Caregivers are encouraged to take part in their children’s activities while allowing the child to take the lead in determining the play and recreational activities, whether they want to take their shoes off, lay on the floor or jump up and down while exploring these family game-based experiences.



You & I Saturday:
Laugh! Scream! Or Gasp! You & I Saturday offers our young visitors the chance to express their emotions through movements, color play and sounds, while becoming more mindful and modeling emotional expressions.
Games and having fun in Ithra Children’s Museum allow our visitors and their caregivers to express themselves in a free space where they can explore different emotions – such as happiness, grumpiness and kindness – through various mediums, practices and experiences.

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