The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) celebrates Children’s Day starting November 20th for 12 days filled with joy!

The Children’s Days program presents diverse activities, workshops, and experiences. There will be learning and cultural exchange at the Children’s Museum, fun with the whole family at the Children’s Oasis, and the second edition of the Children’s Book Fair at the Plaza. 20 publishing houses from the Kingdom will be attending, as well as publishers from the Gulf and the Arab World, in addition to an international participation from Sweden. Our little visitors will explore a wide selection of books that offer knowledge and delight. There will be a designated story time corner for entertainment for the children and their families. The second floor at the library will hold various programs and special surprises for children such as meeting the world’s youngest author NAME, book signing, and other programs that boost children’s love of reading.


FAQs – Children’s Days at Ithra

Is the event free?

Entry to the center and most of the programs is free and does not require a reservation. Tickets are required for the workshop and  for the Children's Museum and The Maze. 


How long will the children's days last?

From November 21 to December 3. Note that the Children’s Book Fair will be exhibited only from November 24 to 30.


What are the program times?

The program times run from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM


What are the programs targeted age group?    

Most of the programs and experiences are targeted for the whole family, starting at ages 4 and up.


Does the Children's Museum ticket include entry to The Maze experience at the Children's Oasis?

No, The Maze experience requires its own ticket, sperate from the Children’s Museum ticket.  


Is it possible to enter the Children’s Oasis with an Ithra membership?

No, entry requires The Maze experience ticket.


What distinguishes this book fair?

The Children’s Book Fair will exclusively display children’s books, a collection of selected books, and participating publishing houses will be attending.      

The book fair will exhibit 70% Arabic books and 30% English books. An honorable publishing house from Sweden will be attending.


Why is this book fair only for children?

We, at Ithra, believe children are essential library visitors. This exhibition gives parents and children the opportunity to explore a wide variety of books to ignite children’s love of reading and to enhance their desire to explore new titles and genres. 


What ages are allowed to enter the book fair?

Children ages 4 to 14 years old will find books in their age-range. The fair will be accommodating for families, teachers, private institutes, and even individuals interested in children’s books.


Will the book fair be annual?

Yes, the Children’s Book Fair will be held annually.


What is the significance of the chosen publishing houses?

The selected publishing houses were chosen according to Ithra’s specific criteria: according to the basis of  the selected books , and we will expand the circle of opportunities for publishing houses according to certain criteria.


How many publishing houses are participating?

The book fair includes 20 publishing houses from Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region, MENA, and an honorable attendance from  Sweden. 


Will the books in the book fair be available at the Ithra Library too?

The titles of the books available vary according to the criteria taken by the book fair and the library.


Are library books for sale too?

No, the library books are available for borrowing only for Ithra members. The Children’s Book Fair will be offering books exclusively sold at the fair.      


Is there a special discount for the Ithra membership on the fair’s books?

No, Ithra members will not receive special discount. The books in the fair are available at the same price for all visitors.


Does the Children’s Book Fair require tickets?

The Children’s Book Fair is open up to capacity. If you wish to purchase a ticket, you must apply to the point of sale in the exhibition.

and if you want to buy, you must apply to the points of sale in the exhibition.


Will there be programs accompanying the Children’s Book Fair?

There are programs accompanying the Children’s Book Fair for children and families. You can review the Ithra website for details





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