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The fashion industry has a problem: overproduction, overconsumption and the rise of fast, disposable fashion. These issues are not only environmentally disastrous but are helping to entrench social inequality, with unfortunate results. The Tanween Bio-tech Fashion challenge invites designers to create a unique garment that explores the potential of new biomaterials, digital fabrication techniques and business models. The aim is to turn heads on main street or the catwalk while creating a more sustainable future for the industry, consumers and the planet. Winning entries will be exhibited at Ithra’s Tanween 2022 and Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week. 

Dress designed by: Eduardo Loreto


In partnership with: 

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  • Basque BioDesign Center

The Basque BioDesign Center is focused on the development of new technologies and disciplines applied to the circular economy, through the research of regenerative practices. Biodesign strategies, inspired by nature and biological organisms, are explored as a driver of innovation, driving the transition to a more holistic and sustainable future.

Our aim is to improve the competitiveness of local businesses and the consolidation of the large area of sustainable rural development in Gueñes, in the Basque Country, Spain. This center leads the way to the knowledge and application of sustainable design through activities such as masterclasses, workshops, mentoring and support for entrepreneurship initiatives. The students, start-ups and entrepreneurs that form part of this community are pioneers in the emerging discipline of biodesign, proposing solutions to contemporary challenges such as climate change, low-consumption manufacturing, natural resource depletion, human and environmental health.

With advanced resources such as the Material Library, the Bio Lab and the FabLab, the BDC enables professional designers and those in training to multidisciplinary thinking, the principles of biomimicry, bio-computational design, digital and bio-manufacturing techniques. It is a unique platform and "laboratory" for development and research applied to the design of new materials, textiles, products and furniture, services, systems and sustainable and regenerative architectural proposals.

For further information: Basque BioDesign Center Page


The program will be offered on:
Sep 2,2022 (virtual/ zoom)
Sep 7,8,9,10, 2022 (Physical at Ithra)


Please note:

The accepted participants will receive the zoom link for the first day through email.



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