Mold and Casting


In this workshop, the audience will learn about mold making, first full they will have an introductions in the history of sculpture in Saudi Arabia also brief about making mold and casting. Second full they will have a training in how to sketch your artwork with three dimensional to know where you can start your artwork and the techniques in how to create it through innovations methods.

Learning outcomes:
- Learn how to create an idea of artwork to sculpt it and make it many copies
- The 3 dimensional sketch, length, width, Hight
- Sketch an artwork consider measurements the thought about artwork
- Sculpting a piece of ceramic with sculpture tools.
- Learn how to mix a mold and casting
- Create many artworks through mold
- Perspective meaning, learn how to sketch a dimensional of the design on paper.
- Learn how to write an art descriptions of your artwork about meaning, colors, texture, measurements.
- Primary colors and secondary colors, learn how to mixing primary colors to get secondary colors.
- Painting techniques with brushes,

Dates & Location

Wednesday 2nd September, 2020

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Art Studio - Level 7


English, Arabic

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Meshari Alawdan

Meshari Alawadan is an international artist who works in calligraphy and sculpture.