House Lighting (2 Days)


House lighting is crucial when it comes to making your own space more comfortable and functional. There are many types of lighting in the market and it can be difficult to choose what suits you best. This workshop will help you select your house lighting and enhance the overall feel of your space.

Workshop objectives:
- Defining the purpose of the room to understand what type of lighting you need
- Learn the types of lighting according to its use and bulb illumination power
- Understand the importance of having energy-efficient lighting
- Focus on the relationship between light selection and house safety
- Introduce the lighting layering technique to create a lighting combination
- Coordinate the style of the room and style of lighting fixture

Workshop outcomes:
- Define your house lighting according to the use of the space
- Create ambiance by choosing the correct type of lighting and bulbs
- Use more energy-efficient lighting
- Layer out the lighting in the space to enhance the desired space feeling
- Coordinate the style of the room with the style of the lighting

Workshop outline:

Day 1:
- Introduction to lighting - Understanding the use of space to select the lighting
- Types of lighting and bulbs
- Types of lighting exercise

Day 2:
- Lighting and house safety
- Lighting layering technique
- Lighting styles
- Room lighting selection exercise

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Dates & Location

Friday 28th - 29th August, 2020

Zoom Webinar


English, Arabic