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Origins of Arabic


The workshop will last for forty minutes, through which the lecturer will talk about the Arabic language anthropology. A discussion will then be held for twenty minutes. The lecturer will speak for another thirty minutes followed by a thirty-minute discussion. The workshop will cover the following topics:
- The history of the Arabic language and the different theories about its origin and evolution.
- The different Arabic dialects and what they have in common with the original Arabic language.
- How social life affects the language and vice versa.
- The social dialects—the different noted in the vernacular of people within one country or people from different social classes.
- What does language tell us about the culture of people who speak it (e.g., the use of metaphors in the Arabic language to address certain issues in a polite way).


Dr. Muhammed Al-Omari

Dr. Muhammed is a lecturer in Arabic Language at King Khaled University in Abha. He also teaches Arabic in different clubs and institutes both…

Dates & Location

Thursday 12th December, 2019

2 hrs



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