This Podcast is in Arabic language only.

Was there ever a time everyone spoke the same language? We will discuss the many aspects that language has in people’s lives including, how did language affect diversity and societal structures and how did the evolution of communication and information affect our need for translation in the modern era. We will explore the mortality of languages, and how only four people on Earth speak certain languages! We will also discuss dubbing and its variations across different dialects and accents. For example, the Egyptian dialect used in Timon and Pumba. We will conclude with an interesting linguistic experiment with our guest, Sado, from South Korea.

Our guests in this podcast are:

Hamad Al Shammari - an academic specializing in applied languages who is interested in literary translation. He recently translated the book The Genius of Language by Wendy Lesser.

Tariq Al Khawaji - Author of two books and a librarian at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran.

Sado – Born in Riyadh and did not have the opportunity to learn Arabic until he left for the United States and lived there for 10 years. He returned to the Kingdom and learned Arabic. He now speaks three languages: Korean, Arabic and English.

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