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Persistence and a Second Chance

Faisal Samra: Persistence and a Second Chance Faisal Samra is in his Saudi studio, ready for the video conference interview…

22 November 2020

The New Renaissance

The New-Renaissance of Saudi Arts and Culture Athr Art Gallery Director Alia Fattouh discusses the new game plan in Saudi’s arts…

19 November 2020

Arabic Calligraphy & Islamic Art

Islamic art includes some of the most spectacular craftsmanship and attention to detail the world has ever seen. As part of…

19 November 2020

What Color is the Sky?

Sorry this podcast is in Arabic language only. Ithra Podcast | بودكاست إثراء · بودكاست#معاً مع أمي | مالون السماء؟ What Color…

18 November 2020

84 Historic Artifacts Coming to Ithra

84 Historic Artifacts Coming to Ithra Saudi Aramco, represented by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), and…

17 November 2020

Sacred forbidden lands

Special Feature: Traveling to sacred and forbidden lands Makkah, the holiest city of Islam. It is the city in which one finds…

17 November 2020

Saudi Modern explorers

Spotlight: Al-Rihala: Saudi Modern explorers “Who lives sees much, but who travels sees more," says an Arabian proverb. History…

16 November 2020

A ‘Rihla' through the desert

Special Feature: A ‘Rihla' through the desert—a homage to nature and memories “See where the wind takes the sand? If the wind…

16 November 2020

Add to your bucket list: Okaz

Okaz - Where the Wordsmiths of Arabia Met. Souq Okaz (located 40 kilometers north of Taif) was one of the three major souqs of…

16 November 2020