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Back with excitement.

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Let's pick the stars

Sorry this podcast is in Arabic language only. Ithra Podcast | بودكاست إثراء · هيا بنا نقطف النجوم What do we think about what…

04 March 2021

Reflections about the Thing Called Love

A quote by Mik Everett reads, “If a writer falls in love with you, you could never die.” Within pages of many novels, characters…

18 February 2021

Riffs and Roots

Riffs and Roots: Jamming with Tarek Yamani in Being Saudi Being Saudi is an interactive exhibition in Ithra Museum’s Ajyaal…

11 February 2021

Layla & Tawba

Layla & Tawba Death reached him when he became perfect and those who would compete with him will fail He was like a lion…

10 February 2021

Love Landmarks

The Aja and Salma Mountains in Hail, where the origin of their names stems from the tragic pre-Islamic love story of Aja and…

10 February 2021

Important Update

In light of the latest situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Ithra are revising our operating hours and procedures. Our…

04 February 2021

My chicken doesn't lay eggs

Sorry this podcast is in Arabic language only. Ithra Podcast | بودكاست إثراء · دجاجتي لا تبيض My chicken doesn't lay…

03 February 2021

The Bazaar

A place for trinkets, treasures and tales to tell. Rows of fresh vegetables and sweet fruits, a rainbow of aromatic spices to…

28 January 2021

Ithra Annual Gathering

Press Release 2021 Calendar Announced at the Ithra Annual Gathering The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Ithra,…

26 January 2021