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The International Day of Sport

The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace: Saudi Football Goes to the Olympics In 2013, the UN General Assembly…

08 April 2021

Reaching for the Stars

The Lifelong Learner Who Reached for the Stars This month the world marks 60 years since the first human being blasted into space.…

01 April 2021

Ithra Art Prize - Press Release

Fahad bin Naif’s Ithra Art Prize-winning commission unveiled at Art Dubai 2021 - Saudi-based artist’s Rakhm makes its debut…

30 March 2021

World Poetry Day

25 March 2021

Manuscripts of the New Generation

Manuscripts, traditionally, were texts written by hand, which means most everything before the development of printing. Texts made…

18 March 2021

Saudi Film Stereotypes

Saudi Film Stereotypes Poverty, exotic, terrorist, oppressed: those are a few examples of how Hollywood stereotypes Arabs.…

17 March 2021

Lands for All People

Add to Your Bucket List: Lands for All People Thinking in stereotypes helps keep things simple and can be useful as a shorthand,…

17 March 2021

Subduing Stereotypes with Storytelling

The life of a human is that of a film reel with raw footage — long hours of material ready to be repackaged and edited into a…

17 March 2021

A Treasure from the Archives

A Treasure from the Archives: the Brandenburg Concertos They are timeless masterpieces of music and are precious parts of the…

11 March 2021