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Partnership Triumphs

Schlumberger becomes an innovative partner in the 2021 Tanween festival With treasured partnerships, creativity and innovation…

06 December 2021

Tanween Pavilions at Ithra

Ithra’s 2021 Tanween creativity season has featured a series of pavilions which emphasized various aspects of design and…

06 December 2021

Saving the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo

There is a concerted effort under way to save the medieval Islamic heritage of Cairo from damage and decay. Conservationists and…

25 November 2021

Ithra recognized with Government “Mowaamah” Award

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development awards Ithra the “Mowaamah” certification. - Ithra was awarded the Gold…

25 November 2021

Islamic Art conference Press Release

The Mosque conference: The world meets for an in-depth exploration of the masjid, its culture and its arts - The King…

23 November 2021

Music to Go

Music to Go: 20 years of the Apple iPod It allowed millions of people to carry vast music libraries with them in their pockets.…

24 October 2021

Ithra launches Children’s Book Fair

For the First time in Eastern Province: Ithra launches Children’s Book Fair - Hosting 10 local, regional and…

17 October 2021

Ithra Celebrates the 91st Saudi National Day

Ithra Celebrates the 91st Saudi National Day Under the Slogan “Melodies of the Homeland” - Ithra launches a collection…

21 September 2021

Direction of Light

Direction of Light: An Ithra Interview with L.A. artist Darel Carey “We are slowly pouring our consciousnesses into the clouds.” …

14 September 2021