Gallery 3

Kunooz Gallery

The heart of the Kingdom is tied to its Islamic roots. At Kunooz Gallery, art admirers and curious visitors are presented with the unique opportunity to discover the beauty of Islamic design and heritage.

Kunooz Gallery pays tribute to the significance of Islamic heritage and art by collecting and displaying valuable pieces from across the Islamic world dating back to the seventh century. The objects signify the great diversity of Islamic art from across three continents. The objects on display showcase Islamic culture that traces a complex and vast historical network spanning over a thousand years, from Java to Granada and Damascus to Delhi.

Current Exhibition

Previous Exhibitions

Beauty and Identity Exhibition

The Beauty and Identity Exhibition was developed in partnership with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. There are 130 objects from LACMA’s collection currently on display in the gallery.

Damascus Room (virtual version available online)

The lavishly decorated Damascus Room dates from 1766–1767 and is one of the most complete and intact Ottoman-era two-tiered reception rooms (known as qa'as) of any museum collection in the world. Ithra sponsored the conservation and reconstruction of the Damascus Room, which was removed in 1978 from a courtyard home in the alBahsa quarter of Damascus before it was razed to make way for a new road. After being on display for two years at Ithra, the room and the 130 objects from the related exhibition Beauty and Identity returned to LACMA.