Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Center only for Saudi Aramco employees?

The Center is open to all visitors regardless of whether they are Aramco employees or not.

Is it possible to visit the Center without booking tickets?

Yes, visitors are now allowed to enter without tickets or prior registration.

Do visitors have to pay a fee to enter The Center?

No, no payment is required. At this stage, tickets are free of charge.

Do the components require tickets?

Some of the components inside Ithra require tickets for entry, such as the cinema, the children's museum and the museum. Some areas are open for public and require no tickets such as the library, the plaza, the restaurants and the coffee shops. However, some free events require registration at the reception.
For more information, please check the program schedule.

Is it possible to change the date of my ticket if I am not able to attend and /or prefer an alternative date?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot change or refund your ticket.

Can I book more than one ticket for an event?

Yes, you can book more than one ticket. Every event has a limited number of tickets and the system will not allow exceeding this number.

Is entry allowed only for families?

Everyone is welcome to visit the Center, whether families or individuals.

Are children allowed?

All age groups are welcomed at Ithra. Some components have special age restrictions.

Are there entry regulations for components?

Yes, there are entry regulations for some components:

Theater: Entry allowed for children aged 12 and above, except in the case of the children's theater.

Library: The library's entry gate closes 15 minutes before the end of operating hours.

Cinema: Entry into the Cinema is subject to movie classification.

Children's Museum:

  • Entry tickets are required for adult escorts and children above one year old.
  • Each adult can escort a maximum of three children.
  • Escorts must be 16 years old or above.
  • Children's Museum entry gate closes down 45 minutes before the end of operating hours.

Ithra Museum:

  • Entry tickets are required for people above 6 years old.
  • Museum entry gate closes down 45 minutes before the end of operating hours.
Is the event schedule fixed?

The programs and events schedule is regularly updated and posted on the website. There might be a change in the announced program, whether in terms of price, venue, seating or capacity, or the event might be cancelled or postponed as needed.

Is there public transportation to and from the Center?

The Center does not offer public transportation. Private vehicle users can make use of the shuttle buses and golf carts transporting visitors from the parking lots to the Center. Shuttle buses can also be used to move between the Energy Exhibit and the Center.

Is there a dress code for the Center?

The Center is a public space. All visitors are requested to adhere to dress code for public spaces in line with the Kingdom's culture and traditions. Avoid wearing tight fitting and short clothes.

What programs and events will the Center be offering?

The Center offers a variety of programs and events. Please refer to the posted programs on the site for more details.

What type of films will be screened in the cinema?

There will be a variety of educational and cultural films that suit all ages and backgrounds.

Will there be coffee shops and restaurants at the Center?

Yes, there are several coffee shops that you can enjoy throughout your visit.

Are there any rules or regulations for visitors to enter the Center?

Visitors are kindly requested to remain courteous of their environment and respectful of the culture and traditions. Drivers need to obey traffic rules and regulations properly.

Am I allowed to take photos inside the Center and its exhibit spaces?

Yes, you are most certainly allowed to take photos, however, the privacy of others must be taken into consideration. However, in certain exhibit spaces within the Center photography is not allowed. A member of staff will be happy to help if you have any questions.

Is the Center accessible to people with special needs?

Yes, the Center has a number of wheel chairs for elderly people and people with special needs. They can be requested from the work team at the Center's gate.

Do you have call center?

You can call us at 8001221224or +966138169799 during opening hours.

You can also email us at