Creativity is the language of this era. It is the tool that allows Saudi creators and innovators to shape the future with their own hands. In conjunction with Tanween, Ithra’s Creativity Season, the Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative celebrates creativity throughout the Kingdom’s Eastern Province as we strive to be the capital of creativity in the Kingdom.

During the 2021 initiative, more than 200 local businesses and entities showcased the innovative culture of the Eastern Province by presenting creative ideas, initiatives and products.

The Most Prominent Creative Participations


Ithra's Tanween Creativity Season is the largest creative platform in Saudi Arabia. Tanween connects creators and innovators with global experts in various fields to expand ideas, increase opportunities, and enhance creativity within an inspirational environment. Last years Tanween’s Crafting Creativity offered 4 experiments, 7 workshops, 10 masterclasses and 30 speakers.

Alsharqiyah Gets Creative Talks

Alturki contributed with a range of activities that included talk sessions covering a number of intriguing topics, such as sports, entrepreneurship, technology, reading clubs, and youth innovations.

Youth for Tomorrow

Youth for Tomorrow offered interactive sports and entertainment events, including awareness and art activities, along with various competitions for the public.

Sports Inscriptions

The Eastern Province Council for Social Responsibility offered artistic activities to help renovate the Prince Muhammad bin Fahd Stadium in collaboration with several artists in the Eastern Province.

Al Dammam Arts Get Creative

The Al Dammam Arts Gets Creative association provided a variety of activities, including theater and improvisational performances, in addition to an art exhibition and musical workshops for beginners.

Nesaj Town Gets Creative

Retal Urban Development Company offered a diversified entertainment program that included a group of inspiring events and initiatives.


Ajdan Development Company contributed with a collection of artistic events and workshops in cooperation with a group of creative artists in the fields of plastic art, photography, calligraphy, sculpture and handicrafts, in addition to musical performance at the Al Rames Cultural Center.

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