Creativity is the language of this era. It is the dream that will allow the people of our beloved country to shape the future with their own hands. In order to enhance creativity as a vital pillar of Ithra’s vision, and in conjunction with our creative season Tanween, Ithra celebrates Creativity Week throughout the Kingdom’s Eastern Region by launching the Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative. We look forward to being the foremost destination for creativity in the Kingdom.

Our Message


Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative is a community-based cultural and creative initiative that will take place in Eastern Province from October 31 – 7 November. The initiative aims to ignite the creative spirit of community members. Follow the initiative via social media using #Alsharqiya_Gets_Creative.


The creative economy is a vital source for economic transformation and social and economic progress. It is also a catalyst for the creation of job opportunities.


Al Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative will provide a plethora of opportunities for the Eastern Region to explore new ideas and innovative ways of thinking. Diverse sectors will participate in this initiative, each in its own unique way.

Join us to make Alsharqiya creative!


Fill the form and use the kit to get creative.

Participation Paths:

Participation paths are tools to activate the chosen fields by selecting and activating a craft practice through a production line of a newly designed craft product.

Program Path

(creative installations, written content, cultural guidance, bazaar, site development, challenges).

Production Path

(designing a tangible product).

Education Path

(workshops, Hackathon, virtual seminars, educational material).


The initiative seeks various types of participation.


Corporate Sector


Education Sector


Restaurants and Cafes Sector


Social Sector


Sports Industry Sector


Arts Sector


Commerce Sector


Logistics Sector

To see the creativity of the past participant

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