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Idea Lab is where ideas come to life. It is a creative community to inspire and activate innovation within the Kingdom by offering cognitive tools to build materials in order to complete the design stages and production steps; create sustainable projects to add value, set challenges and develop beneficiary products within the market; and offer inspirational classes.

Our Tanks & Facilities

Do Tank

Includes the Idea Lab materials library, containing 1,600 material samples curated to inspire and educate the visitor who is interested in Design.

Show Tank

Includes the design exhibit, and hosting the monthly meetups, which is a series of talks and workshops focusing on creativity, innovation, design and the latest trends.

Think Tank

A brainstorming facility, open for the public to share ideas by design and ideation workshops.

The Factory by Idea Lab

The Factory is a maker space with an exciting collection of fabrication tools and machines that will help you build and prototype ideas.

Ithra Immersive Lab

a space to inspire and engage creatives, develop ideas and prototypes, promote, demo, and showcase innovative immersive content, and connect people.

Other Attractions