For 5 hours a day, for 3 days, instructor Ruba Al Khaldi will take you on an exciting journey to probe the depths of imaginative illustration.

This course will help product designers, graphic designers, engineers, and everyone who is interested in creative visuals in developing their skills and abilities to convey their ideas faster and more effectively. 


This course will give them the basics necessary to breathe life into their different photos and illustrations through:

  • 2D and 3D drawing activities.
  • Basic activities and areas of drawing.
  • Necessary and basic techniques for imaginative drawing.
  • Techniques and practices needed to bring life into drawings.
  • Constructive criticism of different drawings presented by the trainer or implemented by the participants in the course.

Course objectives:

  • Learning the basics of imaginative drawing.
  • Conveying a concept or expressing a message through imaginative drawing.
  • Turning intangible ideas into tangible projects through drawing.
  • Effective implementation of the various skills acquired during the course with utmost professionalism.


Learning outcomes:

  • Learning the concept of imaginative drawing.
  • Learning the basics of drawing.
  • Exploring different drawing techniques such as calligraphy and 2D/3D drawings of different models.
  • Mastering the techniques of breathing life into different concepts and photos by using different pens.
  • Evaluating imaginative drawings during the course by the instructor to help nurture the participants’ artistic skills.

Recommended for:

 The level this course is designed for designers and innovators, creatives or anyone interested in conceptual sketching



Ruba Alkhaldi

An Innovation Strategist specializing in design and brand innovation. As a multidisciplinary design, she specializes in Interior Architecture and industrial design. Nevertheless, she is also an Academic Lecturer in the Industrial Design Department at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University.

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Ruba Alkhaldi

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