Course Description:

This five-day course welcomes media enthusiasts, such as media creators, producers, TV and radio hosts, voice-over artists, and anybody who is working on growing their narration and voice-over skills, so that they can advance in their careers by practicing the necessary strategies. Through training and experimentation, they will build and develop their skills in an accurate and efficient way, and throughout this course, participants will gain the ability to bring words to life.

 This course will be divided into three levels:

  • First level: Acquiring the basic skills and guidelines to make the content’s script come to life.
  • Second level: Enhancing the quality of the performance through breaking down its structure and soaking it in. 
  • Third level: Understanding the importance of context and its role in boosting voice-over quality and touching the listeners.


 Learning objectives:


  • To highlight the importance of voice-overs. 
  • To build various vocal and verbal skills.
  • To identify and understand modern media content.
  • To create qualified applicants for jobs in the media sector.
  • To master the basic skills needed to work in media and become a professional voice-over artist.
  • To provide voice-over artists with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to advance in their careers.


 Learning outcomes:

  • Mastering narrating a voice-over and eloquence in delivery.
  • Understanding the many areas of verbal performances.
  • Identifying the different tones for different genres, and mastering one for voice-over projects.
  • Acquiring the essential and advanced skills in vocal performances.
  • Mastering a signature vocal tone, and making audio samples. 
  • Deconstructing and understanding the pricing and E-marketing models related to the voice-over industry.
  • Understanding the art of voice-overs through an academic layout to grasp all the necessary skills.
  • Learning to use devices and production apps for recording and editing audio.


Recommended for:
The course targets media workers, voiceovers, public speakers and trainers.


Mohammad Al Mowali

Born in 1982, Mohamad Almuwali is the founder of Muwali voice media training in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He has worked as a vocal coach for many organizations including the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority and Kuwait's National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature (NCCAL). 
 He is passionate in media and enjoys the magic of voice, thus he achieved advanced level and certifications in TV hosting, narrarating/verbal commentary, and other media specialties from well-known institutes, including Aljazeera Media Institute.
 In the Gulf Region, he taught over 250 media courses. Among his lessons are: the art of bringing words to life, performing with meaning, and performing knowledge and verbal emphasis.
 Nevertheless, Almuwali is also a multidisciplinary instructor, researcher, and writer who specializes in phonetics, modern commentary, and the skills required to be a successful TV host.

Mohammad Al Mowali

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