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A Beacon of Creativity: Presenting Saudi Artist Nourah Majrashi

Your Ithra membership pack features a striking and unique design by an emerging Saudi artist. Nourah Majarshi is at the forefront of the growing cultural vitality of the Kingdom.

Her installations were selected for the beauty, optimism and sense of belonging they capture, which encapsulate Ithra’s vision. These are emotions we hope resonate with our guests and members. The work you see tells a story. This artist is blind yet works in the visual crafts. Her story is inspiring. She breaks through limitations and challenges.

She asked her mother to choose the shades of red and black you see before you, as reflections of her own feelings. She wanted to convey to the world that she continues to persist and will not be hindered by darkness or despair.

Today, she trains the blind on how to recognize objects by touch. She helps us to "see" the world through a much brighter perspective.