The Ithra Children's Museum is the first museum in the Kingdom for children up to the age of 12 and their caregivers. Our youngest visitors are offered an array of exciting opportunities that aim to enrich their lives through interactive play-based experiences including exhibitions, classes and workshops.

The Children's Museum's Mezzanine

(targets ages 0 to 5) provides our youngest visitors the chance to play, learn and discover explore through 5 themed zones.


Budding scientists can explore marine science, environmental science, physics, geology, and environmental stewardship. Hands-on activities encourage exploration and give young minds the skills they need to view the world scientifically.

Islamic Arts

Unleash your child's creativity and introduce them to the beauty and rich history of Islamic art through calligraphy, geometric patterns, painting and abstract imagery.

Our World

Join us on a journey around the world. A great opportunity for our younger visitors to embark on a series of cultural discoveries that will encourage them to learn and appreciate different people and cultures from around the world.

Story Cave

Imagination and creativity come to life in the Story Cave. Children and costumes to act out traditional tales or create their own original tales.

The possibilities are endless!