Youth Summer Program: Introduction To The Cultural Industry

Introduction to the Cultural Industry Program aims to expose participants to the behind the scenes of the cultural and creative industry through unveiling Ithra facility, expertise, and experience to the selected participants.

The program offers the youth an in-depth insight that would enable them to gain first-hand experience of working within a context relevant to their personal interests; to enhance the opportunities of translating theoretical and practical knowledge into future professional skills and to encourage them to make beneficial connections within a professional context.

The program will:

1. Expand knowledge of cultural industry professions.

2. Expose youth to cultural and creative environment and expertise.

3. Nurture personalized interest through mentorship and coaching.


Introduction to the Cultural Industry Program is designed and facilitated by Ithra experts. In this program, youth will be exposed to cultural and creative environment & expertise through multiple learning styles such as meeting experts, experimental learning experiences, site visits, workshops & shadowing. This program will avail Ithra as a case study, platform and growth.


In this program, youth will be given access to all cultural industry insights by designed educational experiences, coaching sessions and open creative environment, and opportunities to network and make connections with industry professionals that would provoke and expand their creative skills and knowledge. After this program, three selected participants will be enrolled to contribute and engage in one year worth of projects within multiple cultural fields.

Ticket Price: 2,500 SAR

20% Discount for Ithra Members

Age : 13 - 18

Registration is closed

Frequently asked questions:

How do I register for the Youth Program?

You can register by filling out the registration form and waiting for your approval.

I completed the registration on the website, but the payment did not go through.

Payment is made after receiving the acceptance letter to the program that includes the available payment options.

What are the admissions criteria to get into the program?

The participant should have background knowledge about the cultural industries or be interested in cultural industry skills.

Is it possible to reserve a ticket at the Center?

Registration and acceptance procedures must completed first.

What is the appropriate age for this program?

The appropriate age is between 13 – 18 years.

Where will the photos taken at the program be posted?

The photos are taken spontaneously of all participants and some of them will be posted on social media at different times. If you do not wish to have the participant’s photo posted on social media, please inform us by noting it in the registration form.

Can I refund my ticket(s)?

Tickets cannot be refunded.

Can I change the registration period?

The program period and language are under one group and one time. This cannot be changed or postponed.

The amount was deducted from the card, but the reservation did not go through.

Please visit the Ithra Center to complete your registration as soon as possible.

What is the duration of the program?

Programs run for 15 days from Monday to Friday, for three weeks.

Are meals provided for participants?

Yes, a daily meal will be provided to participants.