Ithra - Extraordinary Spaces for Exclusive Events

Unique, iconic and state-of-the-art, Ithra offers a multitude of diverse spaces available for hire. Host your events and functions in a venue guaranteed to engage and inspire. Bring your conferences, meetings, workshops and presentations to life at a world-renowned architectural marvel. Redefine the corporate retreat experience at Ithra.

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Theaters, boardrooms, auditoriums, lounges, lecture halls, classrooms and more, discover our Ithra venues and multifunctioning spaces which can meet all your needs:

Great Hall

Ithra’s Great Hall is a 1500m2 multi-purpose indoor space that has played host to several high-profile events, such as the 29th Arab League Summit, the Leonardo Da Vinci Codex Atlanticus Exhibition, and Edvard Munch’s Landscapes of the Soul exhibition. Ideal for large-scale conferences, tradeshows, gala presentations, exhibitions and banquets.

Cultural Oasis

This 2000m2 classical outdoor setting is surrounded by greenery and features white marble-stepped seating designed in the style of a Roman amphitheater. Ideal for receptions, speeches, private banquets and corporate networking-style events.

Knowledge Tower

Tall, sleek and the epitome cutting-edge technology, Ithra’s instantly recognizable 18-story architectural icon – the Knowledge Tower – features six variously themed sets of spaces for your event: The Observation Lounge, the Majlis, the Board Meeting Room, the Lecture Hall, the Sky Lounge and various classrooms. Ideal for receptions, lectures, team building activities, seminars and workshops.

Idea Lab

This two-level contemporary creative hub is ideal for generating ideas that can be turned into innovative ventures and life-changing realities. A classic amphitheater, this space offers a more intimate setting perfect for igniting the mind. Ideal for talks, workshops and presentations.

Children’s Museum

A three-zone space to celebrate special occasions for your little ones in a place filled with engaging fun activities. Ithra’s Children’s Museum has party rooms available for children ages 12 and younger. Ideal for imaginative birthday celebrations.

Energy Exhibit’s Auditorium

How about a mini theater for 20 with a perfect little stage? Or maybe a futuristic 3D cinema that seats 150? Upscale modern technology in a fun inspirational space, the 300m2 Energy Exhibit is a unique, interactive, and game-filled venue that dynamically explores the story of energy in the Kingdom. With a Starbucks on site, and educational games available, the Exhibit is perfect for those who crave a different kind of stage. Ideal for presentations, talks and conferences.


One of the very-first cinemas in Saudi Arabia, this world-class state-of-the-art 434m2 screening venue houses 300 eye-catching rainbow colored seats and a captivating kaleidoscopic ceiling. Ideal for presentations, conferences, panels and private screenings.


World-class staging built to international standards and modeled on several of the world's most stunning opera houses, the 949m2 900-seat Ithra Theater is remarkable for both its extraordinary comfort and the impressive panoramic view offered to the audience. Ideal for ceremonies, conferences, presentations and panels.