Ithra is a creative and cultural hub that empowers human development in Saudi Arabia and beyond by inspiring people to learn, create and collaborate.

At Ithra we provide a cultural window to the world and encourage an innovative and creative society. Ithra offers a space with state0of-the-art educational tools for the fields of innovation, arts, science, literature, creativity, design and knowledge for all segments of society.

Ithra is available for private, corporate and nonprofit events, providing exclusive access to its components and exhibitions.

Our facilities are designed to provide engaging and impressive experiences. They are ideal for a variety of events such as private and corporate dinners, workshops and conferences, as well as award ceremonies and team-away days.

Knowledge Tower

Idea Lab is Ithra’s creative hub where innovators spotlight, build and create ideas to start and strengthen their visions and entrepreneurial ventures.


The Cinema is a comfortable and spacious screening and stage venue where you can showcase your team's project or your business’s highlights, and where groups can gather to discuss and share ideas.


Ithra Theater features world-class staging, sound and lighting ideal for performances and major presentations.

Great Hall

The Great Hall is one of the most architecturally remarkable interiors in the Middle East. The flexibility of the beautiful multi-purpose indoor space lets you showcase your event’s essence and allows for easy interactions among the visitors.