Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can host an event at Ithra? What type of event can be held at Ithra?

Anyone can rent a space at Ithra. The facility offers a wide range of spaces to hire for corporate or private events. The venues are suitable for varying types of events including lectures, seminars, business meetings, conferences, courses, celebrations, board retreats and more.

2. What do the room rental charges include?

Room and IT set-up with on-going technical assistance.

3. Is the venue accessible and comfortable for those with limited mobility?

Yes. Ithra was designed to be an accessible venue for people with limited mobility and special needs. If you have any specific requirements or questions, our Accessibility team can advise and assist you.

4. Can you offer an F&B package at the venue?

Absolutely. We can offer various food and beverage options for receptions, lunch and dinner according to the client’s budget and requirements.

5. Does Ithra have approved vendors? Are we able to bring in an external company to assist me with my set up?

Ithra has a list of required caterers and preferred vendors.

6. What are the penalty payments for cancellations, events extending past the allotted time, damages, etc.?

This information is included in the rental contract which is available after verbal agreement by both parties.

7. Are the museum galleries and exhibitions available for private viewing during an event?

Yes. Private viewings and VIP guided tours are available at an additional cost per person.