Dear Ithra visitors,

We have completed upgrading our ticketing and membership systems, aiming to provide improved service. While using our services, you may notice a few changes.

For more information, please check below

Ithra Account Password Reset :

To login to your Ithra account you must reset your password.

Click the following link to proceed.

Ithra Membership Number:

Ithra membership account number has been changed.

Click the following link to know your number.

Overdrive Library Membership Number:

Please be informed that the changes to Ithra membership will affect your access to the Ithra Digital Library OverDrive Service. After the changes take place, you must use the new member ID to login to the OverDrive website and Libby mobile application, if you login using your mobile number, you can continue to do so. Also, your OverDrive loan history and current holds may be lost. However, current loans will not be affected and will stay active up until the original due date.

Click the following link to know your number.

If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Customer Service.

Thank you,

Ithra Team