The Dream of Spreading Knowledge is Being Accomplished

14 October 2018

It was an unbelievable meeting in an unbelievable night.
I have been wishing for a night and an event like this to happen, and it finally did.
My hopes came true, and then there was a surprise. There were both ancient and modern building designs.
I was fascinated when they explained the meaning behind the event’s name “TANWEEN.” And even more fascinated when they talked to me about the theme “DISRUPTION” which disrupted my ideas and knowledge and led me to review everything I have ever learned in life. It was about the effect of disruption on our lives.
I saw a lotus flower that blooms and lights when touched. I saw a virtual reality technology that allows you to draw on the world around you. I entered a room where I saw a concrete cube that weighs 33000 kilograms floating in the air. I saw a fall, and water turning into fog.
I visited the library, where I was surprised by the large number of Arabic and foreign novels and books from all disciplines. I started reading the introduction of Shaikh Ali Al-Tantawi’s book “Men From History.” I, then, went to the shop and bought a small notebook with white pages and a beautiful design with a magnetic lock that was 10 SR only.
It is worth mentioning that entering the exhibit and museum cost 50 SR only each.

The article was written in Arabic by Fahad Al-Mubarak and has been translated.