TANWEEN – The First of its Kind Experience in The Kingdom

7 October 2018

TANWEEN - Ithra Creativity Season aims to inspire, engage and promote creativity.
The season is an annual Center-wide event and will explore creativity in art, music, film, theater, science, literature, cultural heritage and entrepreneurship around an annual theme. Importantly it will highlight the opportunities across disciplines where new ideas are discovered and new dialogues created.

What Does Tanween mean?
Nunations are written (and read) letter accents that are a pair of harakat. tanween have indefinite super powers. If found on the end of a word it can guarantee the word is indefinite. Tanween change the form of a word to express it with a non-standard meaning.

October 11-27 inclusive. - A seventeen (17) day program targeting 100,000 visitors over the period of the season. A core target audience of creatives, enthusiasts and industry with a wider festival of offerings for all. The season is a cultural and creative hub bringing together diverse talents and audiences to learn, build, promote and engage with creative content;

  • Locally: as a community hub – to establish the local creative sector, developing talent, capabilities, & content to be transferred and exchanged nationally and globally
  • Nationally: with cultural and creative partners, supporting national players & regulators fulfill
    Vision 2030's cultural & creative mandate and by partnering with local and regional players to complement offering and transfer knowledge and capabilities
  • Globally: cross-cultural Exchange to extend Ithra's presence and promote KSA creative talent and content internationally through partnerships & outreach

    What is the Personality of the Season?
    Tanween is interested in playing with ideas and ways of creating. Tanween wants to change the world a little and have fun doing it. Tanween is smart, connected and with a strong image. Tanween wants to try new things and find new things, and is still experimenting with the possibilities. Tanween is creative, either in the creative industries or within traditional sectors. Tanween is a part of the future of Saudi Arabia, a KSA interacting on a global stage.

    DISRUPTION can give us Hope, it can Surprise us, but also create a feeling of Fear or Loss
    ‘DISRUPTOR’ – Humanities relationship to DISRUPTION.

    This season aims to encourage people to understand the disruption in their lives, how they can be disruptive to make a positive change in their own lives and the lives of others. We aim for people to see something in a new way, try something they had not done before and explore their relationship to DISRUPTION.

    Why Disruption?
    Disruption is a type of change, a change with Impact on us all. How we recognize, understand and deal with the change is something we all need to find ways to live with. From being disrupted to being a disruptor we can use creativity to make a positive change.

    The season content will cover 4 topics:

    - Science
    - Manufacturing
    - Communication
    - Fashion

    Humanities Response to Disruption
    Change will always be with us, and sometimes it DISRUPTS. For the opening weekend of Tanween we hear from those who are responding to DISRUPTION through their creativity. Hear their stories, and learn from the experiences of professionals across Science, Art, and Technology. Stories telling of the Hope, Surprise and the Fear and Loss which dramatic change can bring to our response. With creativity we can all be positive DISRUPTORS in a changing World. 

    Manufacturing and Communication
    The way we make, manufacture and produce the things and ideas around is undergoing dramatic change. The need to communicate and understand what the impact of these changes have on our lives is becoming ever greater. Over the second weekend of Ithra Creativity Season we will be exploring the future of Manufacturing and Communication. Hear from those speculating on the future by working with the current disruptive technologies; AI, Robotics, big data and new smart materials. Helping us all grow an understanding of what the World might be like tomorrow with the changes we make today. Disruption which may give us Hope, Surprise or a sense of Fear/Loss.

    Fashion Technology
    The clothing we wear every day is now produced ‘fast’, ‘slow’, ‘in a circle’ and bristling with technology. It can provide a symbol of change and connection with our past. It can connect cultures through its materials, manufacturing, patterns, color and style. It can express an individual’s personality and unify a culture. The third weekend of Tanween will explore Fashion and Technology. How is fashion evolving, what is the future of production, brands, and retail? It will explore what made in KSA means for a new generation of Saudi designers and showcase responses to this year’s theme ‘Disruption’.

    Adventures in Disruption
    Disruption can be global, on a planetary scale. The very environment around us is disrupting our lives, sometimes due to the very disruption caused by humanities actions. In this final weekend we hear from some of those that have taken on that challenge to be Disruptors in the face of Disruption. We hear stories of conquering Mount Everest to surviving the deep sea. We see how these adventures can provide lessons for our communities in our cities or ways to sustain our oceans. How will you be a positive Disruptor?