TANWEEN in The Arabic Language and Creativity in Life

12 October 2018

I have been asked about nunation (TANWEEN), which is a linguistic phonetic mark, and how is it related to creativity. And if I started to define TANWEEN and describe creativity, I would need many hours and a large number of papers. And even then, I might be able to accomplish that or I may not.

So, I will consider the readers of this article familiar with what TANWEEN and creativity are; and I will limit myself to talking about how similar they are… or identical even.

 - TANWEEN is a special feature of Arabic language, which I find the most beautiful and creative language, even among those which share its roots. Similarly, creativity is a trait that God gifts special people to stand out among their peers.

 - Both TANWEEN and creativity have multi functions and forms, which we don't have the time to list or give examples of. One serves the language and its ability to deliver meanings, and one serves humanity.

TANWEEN is part of the ever-eternal Arabic language and its endless wonders… A language that only gets more creative and beautiful with time. Similar to TANWEEN, creativity is renewed, innovated and reshaped according to the time changes and peoples’ needs.

 - Tanween gives a musical effect to words, making them finer, and creativity makes life better and more enjoyable.

Written in Arabic by Muhammad Tahlawi and has been translated.