House of Foil... What's The Story?

15 October 2018

As part of his participation in the King Abdelaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra)’s creativity season, TANWEEN, the contemporary Saudi artist Abdullah Al-Othman has wrapped a house in North Khobar completely in tin foil. People in the Eastern Province city have been talking about it all over the social media discussing the mysterious house that made a hit during TANWEEN. By his artwork that called “Heat Catheterization”, Al-Othman is trying to defy the futile idea of stopping the procession wheel of change by wrapping one of the historical houses in Khobar. It is a symbolic gesture that highlights current situation of the house, and calls to renew of the geometrical patterns in an artistic manner.

The artist said that what he did is "an attempt to revive the memory of the area and its surroundings by copying the details of engineering architecture in the Eastern region… to hide it and discover again."
TANWEEN, Ithra’s creative season, is themed under the subject of creative disruption, which is able to bring a positive change in the society throughout 25 creative works and the participation of 11 artists and designers from all over the world to encourage the exchange of ideas and foster creativity and innovation fields.