What the Make-up Hides... Slava Reveals

7 October 2018

Inspired by: "The Slava Snowshow", part of "TANWEEN" Shows


Every individual has or is still discovering the role he/she needs to be in life. Some decided to have ordinary responsibilities, and some took bigger ones. A job that makes others laugh is not as easy as it looks! The way his face looks, the way he dresses, and every single move of his work creates unstoppable laughters. He makes a joke out of himself to take over’s peoples hearts. We always see him with a big rounded nose, lips covered by red, and orange-colored hair styled in a special way. His clothes don’t get along because its’ randomly selected to leave an impression.  We don’t see this character in our daily life; we see it usually in circus shows. Yes it is the Clown.

With his big shoes on and loose pants he starts the exciting show, because  fun starts when the clown starts to perform. To awaken the enthusiasm and joy in the hearts of the audience, the clown needs to study his moves and know exactly what to do because every clown dreams to see his audience laughing continuously without control. This moment is when he proudly feels that he succeeded his job.

The clown idea comes from the urge of laughing to conquer the tragedies of this life. It has became a widespread job with its stars, culture and styles, as well as its books, references and museums. We all have somehow a “clown” that lives around. It could simply be ourselves, friend, relative, or a child that jumps and makes funny gestures.

But who continue to be a clown, turning himself into a joke, sometimes it reflects in a negative. Why? because his ability to trigger people for laughing might become less and lead the clown to sadness. This failure is hard because a clown made himself a joke, and failing in his job, means he failed himself too. How often do we see a clown after a show going back to his room unhappy and looks miserably sad.  If we forgot about the clowns back then, then it means they'll come back to make us laugh even more. At the end the question that remains: Is the idea of clowns coming back again? Or has this world turned away from laughing innocently?