Saudi Arabia’s First and Largest Creativity Season Gathers World’s Leading Innovators, Creators and Makers

7 October 2018

TANWEEN organized by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), October 11-27, will gather the world’s leading experts in disciplines as varied as culture, science, design, technology and entrepreneurship as part of Saudi Arabia’s first ever and largest Creativity Season.
The Creativity Season is a first-of-its-kind experience for professionals, learners and creators to interact with pioneers and futurists, who are operating at the intersection of imagination and innovation. The 17-day annual celebration is designed as a platform to experience new ideas through a series of invigorating events including talks, panels, workshops, installations and shows.
More than 50 international speakers, who are formidable exponents in their fields, will interact with Saudi audiences to share their knowledge, insights, experiences and global understandings.

Thematic Program of Events

Over three weekends, Ithra Creativity Season will shine the spotlight on a chosen theme strand – covering science, manufacturing, communication and fashion - that will run through the series of talks, workshops, demos and panels led by top professionals, experiential designers, material researchers, innovative surgeons and cognitive scientists. TANWEEN talks will also feature guests and speakers from Google Brand Studio, University of Arts London, Carnegie Mellon University and Gatorade among others. Attendees and participants will be exposed to the latest trends in AI, Robotics, Big Data, Smart Materials, Fashion and Design.
One of the main highlights of the celebration is the opportunity to interact with influential leaders in person. The speakers, who range from high-achievers and stalwarts to game changers and disruptors, are preparing to share their stories, which will light a spark of inspiration and ambition to the audience.

Family-friendly Shows & Installations

Visitors will also have the opportunity to explore specially curated exhibits, installations and tours, featuring groundbreaking technologies. Curated as family-friendly fun, the incredible line-up of shows is led by Slava Snow, an award-winning theatrical spectacle universally appreciated for its ability to rekindle childlike wonder in audiences of all ages. Popular TV presenters and YouTubers will also create live experiments, simulate demos and experiential pop-up labs to round up the exciting events schedule.
Site-specific installations such as “Sketch Aquarium” at the Children’s Museum have popped up as part of Ithra Creativity Season, presenting visitors of all age groups a unique opportunity to interact, observe and enjoy the works of art that have been curated to celebrate the first edition.
At Ithra’s Great Hall, 25 outstanding examples of work from the world of art, technology, science and fashion - including a Tilt Brush interactive experience by Google, Drifter Installation and Silent Fall Installation - will offer fresh insights into contemporary design, encouraging visitors to explore new possibilities and discover new perspectives.